How to choose the perfect showerhead

How to choose the perfect showerhead
One of the best ways to start your day is with a powerful, hot shower. That’s why taking the time to purchase the perfect shower head is well worth the effort.

How to choose the perfect showerhead

Choosing the right showerhead depends on your shower space, budget and taste. Take a look at this simple guide to some of the most popular types of showerhead and find what works for you:

Hand-held showerheads are advantageous for those who need their shower to perform multiple tasks, such as washing pets or helping children clean up. For a family bathroom, this type of showerhead can make life a lot easier and is available with a combination option where a hand held showerhead can be placed into a wall-mount to be used as a standard shower.

Top-mount showerheads, otherwise known as rain showers, are known for being a sophisticated and luxurious showerhead design. This type is situated directly above where one would stand in the shower for a ‘rain-like’ experience. Top-mount showerheads can be expensive because they require highly specific plumbing, but are also a perfect solution for bathrooms with ceilings that are too low for a standard showerhead.

The most simple and common showerhead option is a standard, wall-mount showerhead. This variety is simply placed on the wall of the shower cubicle at an appropriate height to allow water to fall down onto whoever is showering. If you want a simple wall-mount showerhead with an edge, consider investing in a product with extra features, such as multiple settings in the showerhead to allow for different water pressures.

For an extra luxurious showering experience, spa shower panels are an option. This type of showerhead is installed vertically on the walls of the shower cubicle and works by spraying water from panels with a variety of water pressures for a massage-like effect. This type of showerhead is extremely customisable because the panels will need to be installed at heights that fit the user of the shower.

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