Shower Repairs

Shower Repairs

Shower Repairs

A leaking shower can be an inconvenient and potentially a costly experience.  A leaking shower can damage your home if the waterproofing membrane is damaged.  Leaks can lead to mold and other bacteria growing in your home which is of course something we all want to avoid. 

A waterproof membrane should always be applied to the bathroom shower area. If this has not been done you need to replace and seal the tile grout and apply a surface sealant to all joins on the shower base.

The most common source of shower leaks include:


·        Cracked tiles

·        Old grout

·        Leaks in plumbing fixtures

·        A damaged or cracked shower base


Estimating the cost of shower repair is dependent on the extent of the problem. Try and get an expert in to do an assessment and do a quote. Make sure they include all costs in their quote. Unless you are really an expert you will want to outsource this DIY element of improving your home!

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