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    Welcome to Homeimprovement4u

    Who we are:

    If you are planning the ultimate renovation, are refreshing your interior design, or are still at the foundation phase of building, look no further than Homeimprovment4u for the ultimate networking tool in South Africa’s home improvement industry.

    What we do:

    At Homeimprovement4u, our mission is:

    1. To put you in touch with a growing database of South African service providers in the home improvement industry in one comprehensive and easy-to-use company listing.
    2. To allow you to find the company you need according to location and category. You can then do a background search of their online profile, read reviews, and write your own.

    What do we offer customers and service providers?

    Homeimprovement4u is dedicated to helping you create a home that you can be proud of. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for new, quality service providers. Existing service providers listed in our directory also benefit from our business model, as they enjoy the advantage of increased exposure to potential clients and have the option to upgrade to featured listings by selecting our Bronze, Silver or Gold listing package.

    Our company is built on the mandate to provide the best home improvement platform in South Africa. We aim to host a vibrant online platform where consumers and service providers alike can make relationships in a professional and effective environment.

    Homeimprovement4u is regularly updated with new blog posts, newsletters, specials, and tips regarding all things ‘home improvement’ and ‘DIY’. Our guest writers also constantly update the website with interesting articles about the world of DIY and home improvement. Check our articles for tips, guidelines, and advice to guide your home improvement journey.

    We are the ultimate networking tool for service providers:

    Our database has over 30 000 listed companies across South Africa and continues to grow as we expand with new listings on the home improvement scene.

    Homeimprovement4u covers all major cities including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, and Durban, with a total of over 2 000 locations. Our neighbouring countries Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana and Mozambique also form part of our location database. From architects, to tree fellers, to painters, to electricians, we support all trades and professions in the home improvement industry.

    For home improvement service providers wishing to promote their company online, our platform enables you to track your own rankings and control all aspects of your online presence on Homeimprovement4u.

    We make home improvement fun and efficient for consumers:

    Due to our extensive variety of over 1 200 home improvement categories, we can put you into contact with almost any service provider in home improvement, from painters, to deck builders, to furniture restorers and more!

    Our online platform is easy to find, as it has been search engine-optimised. In addition to this, our listings are integrated with Google Maps. This grants you instant access to the location of your closest service provider by browsing our listings according to category, city, or postcode.

    After you have found the perfect service provider on Homeimprovement4u, you can enjoy our Quote Functionality service and access quotes with ease.

    Where we come from:

    Since 2005, The Digital Company has been building business-customer relationships with its online marketplaces. After 12 years, their services have expanded to 27 online marketplaces spreading across four countries and catering to nine different industries.

    Across all our websites, we:

    1. Have over 900,000+ businesses listed
    2. Have more than 6.5 million+ visitors each year
    3. Send out more than 2.5 million+ leads each year

    Homeimprovement4u’s online marketplace is not limited to South Africa as we also provide online platforms for health providers in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

    Please get in touch:

    At Homeimprovement4u, we appreciate feedback from our customers. Please contact us to recommend any changes you would like to see, or to ask any questions.

    Alternatively, you can also follow us on Facebook for our latest news and to get in touch with our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

    For more information about our online marketplace created by The Digital Company, please visit the website.

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