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150L Kwikot/Heat tech geyser supplied and installed for R7900 all inclusive! Comes complete with: Safety valve and drain cork set Pressure control valve Vacuum relief valves Applicable copper fittings ½ Length copper tube (Extra charge for more pipe used) 5 Year manufactures warranty on geyser!

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Specials on all patio doors. Prices vary according to type and size. You will receive 2 quotes, first with original prices and second with discounted prices. No call out fee charged in Gauteng and surrounding areas.

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We supply and install quality built-in cupboards suitable for your bedroom, kitchen, office and more, with a number of versatile

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1. No damage by storms , birds ,baboons ,vermin 2. No fire risk 3. No lightning risk 4. No Maintenance cost 5. Tile are durable and light weight 6. Same cosy atmosphere as thatch roofs is maintained 7. SANS approved 8. 30 year warranty 9. Low insurance cost

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Micon THATCHSAYF is an environmentally safe and effective fire retardant coating for the fire protection of thatched roofs. Spray work is undertaken by Micon’s approved and trained applicators to ensure that correct pressure and minimum quantity of 1,3 litres per m2 is applied to both the interior and exterior of the roof As the application of THATCHSAYF is to provide vital protection in the event of a fire, Micon offers a certificate for each contract. The homeowner, architect, developer, or building control officer can request this document that certifies supply of the product on site. The applicator also signs that the product has been correctly applied in accordance with the manufactures instructions On exposure to heat the first stage of protection occurs when intumescent component of the formulae foams and forms an insulating char on the surface limiting the heat flow and supply the of oxygen which supports combustion. The second stage of protection occurs when the fire retardant chemicals react with the cellulose and charring takes place, again having the effect of limiting the flow of oxygen. Micon THATCHSAYF does not change the natural appearance of the thatch and improves compaction without hindering its ability to breathe.

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Lightning Protection System .The main and most effective measure for protection of thatch structures against physical damage is considered to be the lightning (LPS) An external LPS is intended to: Intercept a lightning flash to the structure (with an air termination system) Conduct the lightning current safely towards earth (using a down-conductor system) Disperse the lightning current into the earth (using an earth-termination system) If lightning protection is to be added to an existing structure every effort should be made to ensure that it conforms to the principles of Sans 62305-3 The design of these types and location of an LPS should take into account the features of the existing structures. An internal LPS prevents dangerous sparking within the structure using either equipment bording or a separation distance (And Electrical Insulation) Between the external LPS components and other electronically conducting elements internal to the structures

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Thatch roof construction and thatching of new houses, lodges and lapa's. Extensions on existing thatched roofs and thatch roof repair. Replacement of any rotten standing pole, broken or cracked ring beams and trusses, without removing the thatch. Combing and patching of any kind of thatch roof as well as general thatch roof maintenance and repair. Comb and thatch a 120 mm layer of new grass over the existing roof. Remove old thatch roofs and re-thatch on existing construction. Varnishing of all woodwork in lapas and thatched roof structures. Strengthening of current thatch roof construction with extra crosses, nuts and bolts. Removing of grass and cement ridging and replacing it with fiber glass ridging on top of thatched roofs. If maintained properly it will last forever. The thatching and building materials we use are all SABS approved. The thatching poles we use are CCA treated. We use Cape reed for ceilings and Highveld grass for thatch roof construction. We also supply fiberglass ridging for new and existing thatched roofs. 10 Year guarantee on all new Installations

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Installation and restoration of solid wood flooring and decking that includes sanding & sealing and repairs to timber flooring is a large part of our business. Bc construction products and services include decking and flooring wood supplies, decking installation, strip flooring installation, engineered wood flooring installation, parquet flooring installation (Mosaic & Herringbone), plank flooring installation, laminated flooring installation, wall to wall carpeting, vinyl, tiling, epoxy floor coatings and quality venetian blinds. The company has been operational since early 2009 and has established itself as one of the major players in the wooden flooring and decking industries

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30% off our markup price for all quotes requested in April GLASS and ALUMINIUM WELLPOINTS and LANDSCAPING PAINTING CEILING TILING PAVING HANDYMAN services

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We Are Aiming To Book Client Irrigation systems in Advance .If you Book from now Until July You will Qualify for a 20 percent discount.No Upfront Fees Only Book To Qualify Please Note A Booking Cancellation Fee Off R100 Will Be charged if the booking is canceled

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Free comprehensive costing report for your new build or renovation valued @ R5 000, You can use this detailed report to obtain and compare quotes from various suppliers. STEP 1: Email your plans to us STEP 2: Use your report to compare quotes STEP 3: Get a further discount if you choose to go with us THIS IS A LIMITED OFFER DON'T DELAY

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We do manufacture aluminium windows and doors with full installation good Quality wispeco and guarantee please call us for more details . sliding doors, stacking doors, shopfront, windows, burglar bars any thing for aluminium and we do repairs

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Waterproofing at its best ADVANTAGES – Highly flexible resilient, rust proof, UV and water resistant – The pure acrylic polymer formulation resist fading and chalking – Seal joints and cover the fine cracks.....

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We are extending free quotations for all your new kitchen design and remodeling works! Our expert team will work with to design a theme for your kitchen at zero cost! Hurry today!

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We are offering a 10% discount on all door installations starting at 3 doors going up. Discounts on Pivot and folding doors start from 1 door upwards!

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we provide our own chemical on pools and and our own material were possible on construction and we can go an extra mile for you as customer and we never charge u transport

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Our company will be offering a 10% off all works quoted during the period of the March, April, April and June...Simply request a quote from us, approve work within stipulated dates and we will guarantee a 10% off our clients quoted price. Its that SIMPLE.

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Get a free on -site consultation plus 35 % off on all our New Aluminium Cladding Sectional Garage Doors.

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Get Special off to all our services this year NO CAll OUT FEE, FREE QUOTE ALUMINUM GATES, DOORS & WINDOWS : We offer supply and fitting in all sizes and colours of your choice KITCHEN CUPBOARDS : We offer different styles and choices INTERIOR & EXTERIOR PAINTING : We offer special prices in both interior and exterior with 5 years guaranteed ROOF : Don't miss out summer special rapair and painting roof RENOVATIONS : We have great discount for all renovations projects including Offices, Residential and Industrials BATHROOMS : don't hesitate to give us a call to all bathroom renovations, remodeling and upgrading. GARAGE DOORS : to all types of garage doors and motors, we have great deals in installation and repairs. Call us today 24hrs GATE MOTORS : Sliding and Swing gates installation and repairs 24hrs to all types of motors. ELECTRIC FENCE : We have a great deal to secure your home installation and repairs to electrified fencing. ELECTRICALS : we do electrical installation and repairs , fault finding and COC TILLING : Upgrading your floors give us a shout with affordable price's

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We are giving a big descunt on kitchen, all types of celling and tiles. Take advantage of this special .