Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

As daily household practices are changing in response to Global warming and high electricity costs, households are looking for more environmentally friendly electrical heating systems.


Underfloor Heating can provide you with a comfortable environment to live in, whilst simultaneously conserving energy provided one uses an energy efficient system.



Like most household assets, there are options for whatever you are looking for. Below are the two types of underfloor heating.


Wet under flooring heating is the most common.  Warm water is dispersed across a network of linked pipes in the floor distributing warm heat through the house as it moves.


·Dry underfloor heating uses insulated material that contains heat producing elements.  As the elements receive room temperature feedback (in most cases from a thermostat sensor), they are energized and re-energized and produce heat.


Benefits of underfloor heating



·        Low allergy.


·        Good heating quality as the rooms are heated evenly and controlled by thermostats.


·        Easy installation in new and existing homes, under a variety of floor surfaces.


·        Energy efficient which in turn minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and low running costs.


·        Low noise pollution due to their silent operation systems.


·        High aesthetic quality as in no bulky units visible to the human eye.


·        Good safety for children who are unable to burn themselves as they may accidentally do with hot radiators, heaters or of course open fires!


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