Pest Control prevention

Pest Control prevention
Pests can really change the mood for a picnic or a Sunday Breakfast, one thing your enjoying a nice sweet snack and the next your swiping away flies and ants from your meal. There a few things that you can do to try and prevent this from happening.

Pest control is best done through prevention than actually taking care of the problem. 

If you have any rat problems in your house one of the best things to do first is chech for any holes in screen doors or the floor, rats come for warmth or food in the house through these gaps and can cause large infestations in your floor or ceiling. Make sure that after you cook in your kitchen you give it a thorough clean, crumbs and left over dirty bowls attract flies and ants, just making sure that they are in a sink or a dishwasher after you use them will be suffiicient enough to keep them out of your way. Also remember when cleaning any room to not leave standing water around, this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and also a very larger attraction for them, make sure that you pour out the water to avoid this. 

Fruit and veggies must either be eaten or thrown out, flies and mosquitos will always be attracted to fruit that is going ripe. If you have a fire place at your house a good idea is to store your wood outside your houise or shed, a few meters is recommended, this is because termites will bread in untreated wood and this could get into your house. One of the best pieces of advice that can be given is that if you do have a pest problem is to call a proffesional, you need to have the extent of the damage checked and to make sure that the proper order of things is done.  

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