Organic and Natural Pest Control

Organic and Natural Pest Control

Pest Control and the Environment

Pest Control can often be a costly and tedious task. If you are uneasy with the thought of using toxic and harmful pesticides in the vicinity of your home and happen to have a soft spot for the pests amongst your belongings, there are a few organic and natural remedies that should have them gone in no time!


There are a variety of creatures living in your home. Here are a few easy, simple and safe tips to ensure the hygiene and pest free environment of your home!


Dust Mites:

Most people shudder to think of these tiny creatures that live all around our living space. They will never truly disappear, so we can only adapt and take certain measures to ensure they stay under control.

  • In terms of your bedding and linen, the strongest deterrents on the market will not affect dust mites unless you wash your linen at 55 degrees Celsius or higher.
  • Purchase Tannic Acid from any pet store or health shop. Using Tanic Acid helps to keep the allergens from dust mites under control.
  • Wash all stuffed animal toys in hot water regularly.



Despite their incredibly small size, ants still manage to wreak havoc in the home. Here are a few environmentally friendly tips to keep them at bay:

  • Preventing ants in the first place is easy. Keep your living area clean! This means no crumbs, no leftovers and seals on all food items.
  • Ants have a natural tendency to avoid cucumbers. Who knew? Leaving cucumber peels where the ants enter the home will cause them to stay away.
  • If your ant problem is on a wooden surface such as a deck, place cloves of garlic in the cracks to repel them.
  • For an option that is more long term, make use of diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle it on where the ants tend to gather.



Despite their reputation to survive beheadings and nuclear warfare, there are a few ways the cockroaches can be removed from the home without harming the environment or children.

  • Just as mentioned above, the use of diatomaceous earth. This form of repellent is not harmful to humans and will effectively kill cockroaches in the home.  This form of treatment aims to kill the cockroaches, which may not be the most appealing form of pest control to some homeowners.
  • An old trick to deter cockroaches is to fill a coffee can filled with bread that has been thoroughly soaked in beer in infested areas. This will repel the cockroaches from the home without causing them harm.


These remedies are simple, safe and environmentally friendly. Using remedies that are toxin free is a great way to create a healthy space within your home for you and your family. Some insect problems may be beyond natural pest control and may require a professional. For professional consultation, please feel free to go to our homepage.