Is DIY Pest control the best option?

Is DIY Pest control the best option?
In this article I am going to explain briefly why DIY Pest control is not the best option.


There are so many pesticides on the shelves of many retail stores in South Africa. Many South Africans are wondering whether its wiser to use these products or to rather hire a professional to do the job for them. In this article I am going to explain briefly why DIY Pest control is not the best option.

DIY Pest control is not the cheapest option

Although it seems to be cheaper over short term ,DIY Pest control is costly over a long run .Firstly the treatment methods and chemicals used are not as efficient as professional pest control products and services .This means that one will repeat these treatments several times to get rid of the infestations before eventually hiring a professional. Most registered pest control companies will give a guarantee to you to ensure that your pest infestation is removed something you will never get if you opt for DIY pest Control

Safety Concerns

Pest control professionals who are members of SAPCA are well trained in pesticide handling .As professionals they will not expose you ,your beloved ones, and the environment to toxic chemicals. Additionally, they use registered and approved products only- thus reducing the risks to you .It’s a serious concern that some ruthless individuals are still selling pest control products that were banned some years ago due to their toxicity level and effects to the environment.

Proper Equipment

It is time consuming to do DIY Pest control due to the fact that you may not have proper equipment to do the job .For us to successfully remove a pest infestation we must do a root cause analysis and remove the problem from where it originates .This might require extensive knowledge about the pest biology, behavior, and inspection equipment which you may get from the professionals only . If this is not properly addressed, you may end up wasting a lot of money and time to resolve something which can be resolved once off by a qualified professional
It’s very true that if your car is damaged ,the best option is to take it to a professional mechanic instead of spending some valuable time on internet googling about how to repair it yourself. The same applies to pest control. If you really care about your beloved ones and neighbors, you will choose to hire the services of a Reputable pest Control company
like Greenland Pest Management.

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