Roof repairs and waterproofing: how these household chores can make or break you

Roof repairs and waterproofing: how these household chores can make or break you
Repairing your roof often shouldn’t be the case if it is done correctly the first time. Property owners like to go for the cheapest option available as it is convenient for them at the time, not thinking that it will cost them more in the months to come. This decision nearly always backfires.

Repairing your roof 

Your home is an investment and bad waterproofing results in its devaluation, not to mention it can become costly. We have had various clients accept our quotes but are very wary of the project because that same leak has supposedly been ‘repaired’ numerous times before by other contractors and the client never hears from them again. So we don’t blame them for being wary! We would be too!

Waterproofing is a very skilled trade but unfortunately, a lot of people think they can start a business with zero experience thinking they can charge clients excessively, do a quick fix, and never follow up with the client again. It’s sad, and it’s not what the industry should be known for.

Leaks and damp in the interior of your home also pose a health hazard for you and your family as all sorts of bacteria and mould grow in warm, moist areas.

When you begin to build your home, get a well-experienced waterproofing contractor or consultant. Initially it may cost you more but in the long run, it will save you money, time and many headaches.

Next, get someone that is willing to give you a guarantee. Don’t go ahead unless you get a guarantee. Also, if the contractor offers a guarantee but he has no branding on his car, no website, no Facebook page etc. chances are he could offer a guarantee but you will probably never be able to get hold of him again.

Be sure to choose the right waterproofing contractor. Get references and do your research before going ahead with a quote.

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