Almost any building renovations require permission from your local municipality.


Almost any building renovations require permission from your local municipality.  A building surveyor is responsible for ensuring the building is safe, livable, and energy-efficient and meets all the relevant building requirements and standards. Throughout the construction they work and consult with engineers, architects and builders.

Land surveyors survey the subdivision of land, taking into account the lands slope, topography and geography.

Quantity surveyors estimate the cost of building materials.


Role of a Surveyor

Surveyors perform the following tasks:

·        Advise and assist owners and builders on the building plans before they are lodged to avoid any problems.

·        Assess building plans to ensure that they meet building regulations.

·        Conduct pre-purchase inspections.

·        Conduct inspections throughout the building process to ensure that they conform to building regulations and that proper building methods and materials are used.

·        Write reports and keep records on the construction process and any instances where regulations have been breached or plans have been altered.

·        Give evidence where required in the case of the breach of building regulations.

·        Assess the condition of existing buildings.

·        Issue building permits.

·        Issue certificates of compliance once the construction has been completed.

·        Assess buildings for suitable access for disabled people!

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