Ever wondered to yourself, my building is a bit old but still habitable – why should I renovate it?

Should I Renovate

Well , the answer is YES OF COURSE, a buildings need constant and regular maintenance. No building is immune to defects, regardless of age. Building elements are generally referred to as “building components” or “building services”. These tend to be subject to gradual deterioration or ageing after repeated use. Additionally, apart from defects arising from lack of appropriate maintenance, improper use of these building services overwhelm their capacities and aggravate the deterioration.

A common risk is the construction/ addition of unauthorized building structures which may add to the structural burden and cause premature structural cracks to occur. This is the biggest reason why you need to consult a professional organization like Buildman Engineering to have an assessment of your existing structure, to determine the feasibility and recommendations including the structural designs to be instituted to ensure a safe and sound structure.

It is easy to overlook defects in buildings as they usually be elusive to the naked eye. But it is very important to note that this is very risky and poses a great danger to public safety.

Defective concrete Causes:

  •   Aging commonly found in old buildings

  •   Persistent water leakage may affect the steel reinforcement

  •   Weak concrete caused by the use of salty water in concrete mix

  •   Serious overloading leading to spalling

  •   Excessive movement of the building structure

  •   Unwanted ground movement

  •   Weaknesses caused by corrosion/ deterioration of materials

  •   Damages caused by accidents

  •   Poor design or construction

    Defective External Wall Causes:

  •   Aging

  •   Excessive Structural movements

  •   Defective workmanship during installation

  •   Thermal movement

  •   Defective or missing expansion joints

  •   Damages due to external factors

  •   Ingress of water into the gaps between finishes or tiles and the structure etc

There are many other factors that we shall be able to share and present relevant solutions to. Contact us today for an obligation free quotation.

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