Tips on Solar Geyser

Tips on Solar Geyser
Solar powered Geysers should be the future of many modern households, they help and save lots of needed electricity, especially during these Load Shedding times. Although buying them may be the hardest step, giving them a regular check is always recommended.

Causes of the Problem

  • Birds and monkeys sometimes get in the way of the piping and peck and work at them, this could cause the insulation to be comprimised which means lack of heat retention. 
  • Dust and dirt can collect on top of the panels and this can reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed. 
  • Sometimes within the municipality water network there may be a problem like a piece of debris, this could also damage your pipes. 
  • It is also very common with this being a new technology that if there is other maintenance done in the house that the workers will not know what the pipe is and may damage it. 

What to Expect

If there is an issue, call an expert and make sure they check the basics.

  • Is the solar panel still properly connected to the geyser, if not this could mean a full on repair or maybe just some tweaking of connections
  • Wipe down the surface of the panel properly so that it is as clean as possible. 
  • The pipes that are in the roof must be checked, if they are loose in any way this means there may be leakage and they need to be sealed immediately. 
  • Make sure that the timer you have set up is on the right settings for the time of year.