Pool Heating

Pool Heating
Having a pool heater can make using your pool a much more enjoyable experience. With just a few simple tips you can use your pool heater to its full potential and make the most of the time it is left on.


It is important to check your temperature in your pool when using the heater, try keep it at one constant level that you are happy with. This is because every time you change the temperature of your pool you begin to add onto your costs of using your heaters.If you know that the kids and your family are probably not going to use the pool for a long while then turn off the heater, especially if you are going for trips away the pools heater is recommended to be turned off. 

Pool Cover

Try invest in a pool cover for the when you want to maintain a certain temperature in your pool, up to seventy percent of temperature heat loss can be from the top of the pool, so if you choose the right type of cover you can keep your pool warm and possible some of the younger kids safe. 

Annual Service

Although it may seem like things are perfect, it is usually very neccessary to make sure that nothing is broken or has been weakened by use over the year. It is not because there will definitely be a problem but prevention is better than cure.