Gas heaters: safety tips every homeowner should know

Gas heaters: safety tips every homeowner should know
Gas heaters are one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to fight the cold during chilly seasons. However, they do come with the risk of fire, gas explosions, or gas poisoning, if they are used incorrectly. Here are some tops tips to help you get the most out of your gas heater, whilst keeping your family and home safe:

How to safely use your heater:

If you are leaving home, or are going to bed, make sure you turn your gas heater off. 

Do not use your gas heater to warm flammable items, such as clothing or towels, as these can easily catch alight. Make sure no flammable items are left close to the heater as a fire can start slowly from overheating. In addition to fabrics, flammable substances such as cleaning liquids or aerosol cans should also be kept out of the gas heaters heating range. 

Ensure that the power wires or hoses of portable gas heaters do not extend into any areas, such as open doorways, where they could be punctured or damaged, as this could lead to a gas leak.

What to do if you experience a gas leak:

Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, which are dizziness, headaches and other flu-like symptoms, which could indicate that your heater is leaking. Act as soon as possible if you suspect a dangerous gas leak is occurring in your home by removing your family from enclosed spaces and calling for the help of a local gas installer. 

If you suspect that your gas heater is leaking, do not make use of electrical appliances, such as light switches, landline telephones or other appliances and avoid lighting flames, such as candles or cigarettes, as these pose a fire risk.

Trying to blow away any leaking gas with an electrical fan is also a dangerous mistake and one should rather stay away from enclosed spaces where gas may have collected inside the home until a professional has mended the leak and excess gas had had time to move out of the home.