Common electrical Gate problems

Common electrical Gate problems
Although it may seem like a small thing, but properly maintaining your gate is essential to it working properly for many years. Just like any electronic or steel machine, it needs to checked regularly for any issues that could cause serious problems.

Keep the gate clean

This is one of those small but very effective things that keeps your gate in good shape, leaving dirt on your gate to get washed off when the rain comes is what causes the stains and the rotting of he paint so that it chips off. 

Electrical Components 

An important fact to remember is that the engine for the gate is outside too which means it is exposed to the elements. Making sure ants and such do not get inside, trying to block up any entry points for the ants is best, but if this is not possible try place a small ant trap nearby and regualrly check your engine. Nests are also a problem in gate motors, wasps build nests in them to keep dry, mak sure to contact a proffesional in these circumstances. 


Depending on the gate you have just remeber that some require lubrication onto certain parts so that it can stay functioning to its best standard. Automatic gate maintenance does mainly come down to knowing your gates engine and how to keep it working well. 

Dont Worry

If you think your gate is too complicated and your worried you might do something wrong just have a bi-yearly check up on your gate by a proffesional. To get into contact with one now go onto our page and find one in your area.