Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

Having an automatic gate is often first choice for majority of homeowners. An automatic gate can be opened via remote or from a control inside the home, making it an investment that leads to comfort and convenience. Automatic gates now come in a variety of styles and variations, each suited to specific homes.


In order to invest in the most beneficial style of automatic gate, you should definitely have at least a basic understanding of the different options available to you. Different gate styles are better suited to different needs due to circumstances such as space, terrain, aesthetics and purpose. This article will discuss the different styles of automated gates: Slide gates, swing gates and vertical pivot gates.


Slide Gates:

Slide gates are a very common form of automated gates because of their simple design. The gate does exactly as it name implied; it slides along a single track in a single direction. A sliding automated gate is best used in a driveway that has an adequate amount of space. Your gate will need to have an extra meter or so beyond your driveway in order for it to move completely out of the way. There are different slide gates that are more appropriate for different needs. A ‘V’ track slide gate is the most popular style and is reliable and durable. It should not, however, be used in areas that are subject to snow and sleet as this will damage the tracks of the gate. If you are in an area that is exposed to harsh weather conditions, consider investing in a cantilever slide gate.


Swing Gates:

Homeowners, for the aesthetic appeal, often use swing gates. Swing gates are a style of gate that mimic the same mechanism a door would use. They are attached by hinges to your walls and swing open when the remote is clicked. A swinging gate can either be designed to swing inwards or outwards. That is a decision, however, that must be made carefully. A swing gate that opens outwards could cause damage to cars and pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. A swing gate is also great for driveways that are sloped; they can be designed at an angle to make it possible for the gate to swing backwards whilst not grating your driveway. There is also the option of choosing a single or double swing gate. A double swing gate is often the more appealing option is it creates a sense of grandeur. However, if you choose to use a single swing gate, keep in mind that they are more suited to smaller sizes and flat driveways.


Vertical Pivot Gate:

A vertical pivot gate is made mostly for security reasons. It has the same design as a basic boom gate, but is made of steel and is often a few meters in width. A vertical pivot gate can block off an entire driveway as opposed to a boom gate only partially blocking entry.



Automated gates mean that owners do not have to put themselves at risk when coming home. Being able to open your gate from inside your car provides you with extra protections against possible hijackings or home intrusions. Automated gates also mean that there is a limited amount of people who have the ability to open your gate from the outside.


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