Make your home bar the best in town

Make your home bar the best in town
Building a home bar is one of the best ways to establish a central hub in your home where family and friends can gather to socialise. Home bars make entertaining guests that much easier and allow one to effortlessly host social events without having to spend all your time in the kitchen preparing snacks and drinks. Follow these top tips to ensure your home bar is the best in town:

Bar moulding is one of the most important first steps to take when creating your home bar. Bar moulding turns a normal countertop into a bar top and prevents drink spills from leaking onto the floor. They also provide comfort for those around the bar as bar moulding can double as an armrest. Bar moulding can come ready cut to fit your bar for your convenience and can be varnished to match the colour of your countertop.

Invest in high-quality refrigeration for your home bar. An under-the-counter fridge with temperature control is an important aspect of your bar that you should choose with certain criteria in mind. Consider how much you wish to stock in your bar, what kind and size of alcohol bottles you want and how cold you need your fridge to be before you decide on a product.

Choose the right kind of lighting to give your bar a social, warm and friendly mood. LED lights are an atmospheric option that can give your bar a pleasant glow. They are available in multiple colours and intensities to give you the effect you want.

The back bar of your home bar is an important feature both in terms of practicality and decoration. Open shelves in your back bar are a good place to store and display liquor. Back bar shelves can show off the variety you have in your bar and makes for an easy way to find the exact drink you want.