Bars and Pubs

Bars and Pubs

Bars and Pubs

Installing a bar or pub in your home is immediately a guarantee of a space that will hold a lifetime of memories between family and friends. A bar in your home is a space that is designed specifically for relaxation and laughter with company.


A bar in your home does not have to merely be a space that holds your liquor and beverages, but can be a stylish space that adds dimension and versatility to your living space. A bar can be made to fit your personal taste and makes room for you to have fun with design and style.


Below are two examples (of many!) of the different aesthetics you can apply to bars and pubs in your home:


Modern Bars:                                                                  


A bar in your home can be incorporated directly into your living space. This makes it easy for you to entertain around your home. A modern aesthetic gives a classy edge to your home. These bars usually incorporate glass, steel and granite. These elements add an element of sophistication.


Traditional Pub

 A pub in your home that has a traditional aesthetic invites company into a warm and comforting atmosphere. A bar in you home that has a traditional pub style is not to be considered old fashioned, but should be considered a place that is an inviting space for friends and family!


However, these two examples only refer to style and not design. When planning the design of your bar or pub, ensure that you take space into consideration. The space of your home may determine whether you have a Straight Bar, a Back Bar, an L Shaped Bar or a Corner Bar. Most of these bars have storage space built behind the bar, making them efficient and convenient to use.

It is also important to consider elements such as comfort and practicality. It is a good idea to consider installing a foot bar along the edge of your bar to ensure your guests are secure and comfortable in tall bar stools. In terms of practicality, one should also always ensure that the bar is near an electric socket to keep the fridge plugged in and, most importantly, the beers cold!

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