Building Project managers and what to tell them

Building Project managers and what to tell them
Its always a good idea to personally speak to your building project manager, this is because it is not an easy job to do 100% when there is not real scope of what you as the home owner are wanting to do, so here are a few tips to help yourself and him/her.

Create a chain of communication.

Make sure you have the project managers preffered way of commuication, this garuantees a way to share ideas, plans, problems and helps the project manager transfer any message you have to other people that re involved in the construction. This allows you to sleep easy knowing that all your needs are going to be met to their best standard. 

Keep the plans near

Make sure once a shape begins to build for your new home that you visit often,and keep the plans for your new home near by and keep looking at them. There is a plan set in place for your home from the begginning and it is not easy to change, but if you can catch something you want to change early enough, you can bring it forward wth the Project manager, so always have a look at the plan for your house each day and make sure you are completely happy. 

Observe and understand

Another reason why it is good to visit the site is so that there is an understanding that you are comfortable being there and observing, this could allow more comfort between the project manager and client, which will lead to more communication about what is preffered and even new ideas from the project manager could come about. 

It is your house and your decision on how it looks, putting in the few extra minutes day to go look at the site or brushing over plans can help your house develop beautiful.