Building Project Managers

Building Project Managers

Building Project Managers


If you are making improvements on your property, it is usually likely that you will need the services of a building project manager before and during the project. Building project managers include consultants, building inspectors, surveyors and engineers and their primary concern is that your home complies with legislation and is a safe place to live in. Following are some more details on project managers.

Project Managers

Generally, you will need to speak with a building project manager if you plan to build, extend or renovate your property. Project managers can be architectsinterior designers, surveyors, engineers, or project consultants, amongst others. Essentially, the job of a building project manager is to give advice or to undertake tasks that are in relation to the building industry. Project managers are independent, however, they should always be willing to co-ordinate with you, the client, to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

They can also advise you on what to do if you are suffering difficulties during the home improvement process.

Building Inspectors

A building inspector will thoroughly inspect your home for any possible defects and also assess the condition of your home.

A building inspection looks for things such as asbestos, cracks in the walls, roof or floors, the condition of plumbing and electrical wiring, if there is any rising damp and can also estimates the cost of any repairs. The inspector will provide you with a report after the inspection is completed and the report should clearly state the condition of the property and what repairs or maintenance are needed.

Pest inspectors will check your home for any evidence of pests, especially termites and borers and the pest report will let you know about any current or past infestations to a building.


Surveyors are responsible for ensuring that buildings are safe, accessible and meet legal requirements. They also assess plans, inspect properties to determine their condition and safety..

The surveyor is involved with every stage of the building process as they conduct inspections, or have a building inspector to conduct inspections on their behalf, before giving the project final approval. If an inspection should fail for any reason, the surveyor is able to take action against the people responsible for the failure to ensure that the work is fixed and meets compliance standards.


An engineer is qualified to carry out investigation, analysis and design work. Engineers will meet with the client to find out what their needs and budget are in relation to a home improvement project and will then advise on what the best solution is for the client. They visit the site of the property in order to determine the best placing for any new foundations that may be required. If you are planning on knocking down any walls within your home, or other work that may affect the structural integrity of your home, you must consult with an engineer first to ensure that it is safe to do so!

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