Selecting correct Cupboards and Wardrobes

Selecting correct Cupboards and Wardrobes

Selecting correct Cupboards and Wardrobes

An interior designer will be able to help you place and plan your storage space correctly. 

You can choose between a pre-built or custom designed storage spaces, built in or free standing.  Cupboards increase the storage space in your home and can be found in the bedroom, bathroom, laundry or almost any space that requires storage. Without doubt they add value to any home.


Things to Consider:


·        Size of the room

·        Depth of the cupboard

·        Placement; make sure doors don’t open onto main entry door or a passage way,

·        Placement should not be too near furniture or lights, windows power points or light switches

·        Check if the walls or floors are uneven in any way

·        If the wardrobe is in wet areas such as the bathroom moisture resistant board will need to be used


The Interior of the Wardrobe

The interior can be custom designed or pre-fabricated. Include shelves, hanging racks, drawers, baskets and shoe racks. Special hat, tie and accessory racks can be added.


Wardrobe Doors

There are a large range of doors and door surfaces available on the market. The doors may be hinged or sliding.  Surfaces include ready-to-paint, wood grain, mirror, custom wood, aluminum frames, rattan, gyprock or even painted glass.

Selecting a Professional Wardrobe Builder or Carpenter

Carpenters are available to give an onsite quotation and advice, ask to see their qualifications, references and if possible previous work.  Ask if they provide a guarantee, they should do so.

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