Dishwashers: Why they trump hand washing every time

Dishwashers: Why they trump hand washing every time
The debate between using a dishwasher, or relying on old school hand-washing techniques, deals with concerns like energy-efficiency, time constraints, water-saving and the hygiene and cleanliness of kitchen items. Depending on which concerns are most relevant to you, a dishwasher or simply sticking to regular hand washing may be most beneficial. Here are some guidelines to the advantages and disadvantages of dishwashers and hand-washing methods.

One of the most important advantages to owning a dishwasher is the overall amount of water these products can save. Using a dishwasher that has its own set limit on how much water is utilized in one cleaning job, allows homeowners to avoid hand washing that often relies on a running faucet and multiple refills of the sink.

Dishwashers also encourage homeowners to do a few bigger loads of washing over the week, rather than multiple smaller ones throughout the day. They allow you to stock unsightly dirty dishes and kitchen utensils away for one big wash later on, which prevents homeowners from filling up the sink with water or letting the faucet fun for minutes, every time one or two dishes pile up.

Dishwashers also heat water much faster than most regular sink-based faucets do. This means that the dishwasher provides instantly hot water without needing to waste water by letting it run down the drain until it is the right temperature for washing, as is often the case in hand-washing.

Depending on the product of dishwasher you buy, certain brands offer energy and water saving settings that can increase your eco-efficiency with each wash.

One of the most obvious benefits of owning a dishwasher is that it removes a time-consuming and tedious chore from your day, and can often do a better cleaning job. The hygiene of one’s kitchen items is of upmost importance and a dishwasher can be one of the fastest and most effective ways of removing all unwanted germs and substances from a washing load with the power of heat and the right amount of water.