Special offers in Randfontein

Good day we offer services such as ceilings installation and deco designs, wallpaper installation, wall and floor Tiling, wall painting and plumbing services we are professional and affordable our work has 3 months maintenance free in all services we provide affordable 3 quotations Our offer includes Free maintenance for 3months Free quotation Free call out fee Free professional advice

Shadenets, IBR and corrugated carports, and skylights *Single car -3 m x 5.5m *Double Cars. - 5m x 5.5m *Triple Cars - 7.5 m x 5.5m *Quad Cars. -10 m x 5. 5 m we have 5% discount for all our carports and shadenets, AND WE OFFER FREE QUOTATIONS AND SITES VISITS Thank you for contacting WILL SHADES AND CARPORTS! NB: We have new specials on all carports for the new year 2023… Shadeports, Shadenets, Carports, steel structures and skylights are available ????????????

Every Home that we insulate gets a Free Geyser Blanket and a few meters of pipe insulation if the Geyser is inside the Roof.