How to burglar-proof your windows

How to burglar-proof your windows
Windows are one of the easiest entry points to your home for dangerous intruders. In addition to having the standard security implements, such as fencing, alarm systems or motion detectors, adequate window security is a must. Follow these simple tips to ensure your windows keep out criminals:

Burglar Proofing my home

Impact resistance glass is one way to fortify your windows against breakage and make a burglar’s attempts to smash a window unsuccessful. Additional locks on sliding windows are another good idea because they are very difficult to break without the proper tools and may discourage potential intruders looking through your windows.

Installing metal grills on your windows is another way to boost home safety. Metal grills are effective because they provide a barrier even if burglars manage to break your window’s glass. The smaller the spaces in the grill’s pattern, the more protective and secure a barrier they provide. Avoid installing metal grills with large spaces, as these could still be accessible to hands or weapons. Metal grills are available with decorative patterns if you are concerned about compromising the aesthetic value of your home.

Bright floodlights, especially ones that activate at night, are an effective way to make windows a less appealing entry point for potential criminals. This is because powerful lights above vulnerable areas of the home make a burglar easy to spot and are therefore a powerful deterrent. Ensure that floodlights outside bedroom windows are effectively prevented from illuminating the interior of your home by installing thick curtains.

Planting thorny plants or cacti around windows is another strategic deterrent against burglars. Also ensure that you avoid planting trees that are easy to climb near your windows, as these will simply make a burglar’s job easier.

A final tactical trick to make you aware if someone is trying to break or climb through your window, is to place items on your windowsill that are likely to topple over and make a noise if an intruder attempts to gain access. By doing this, you are more likely to be aware of an intruder, or wake up and take action if you were sleeping.

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