Glass Bricks: an innovative construction solution

Glass Bricks: an innovative construction solution
Glass bricks, or glass blocks, are a product used in construction made with glass. The idea for glass bricks was introduced in the early 1900s when a need arose to have natural light in buildings. Both floors and walls can be constructed from glass brick with specific types of glass brick for either one.

Glass bricks are also available with specific characteristics to suit a homeowner’s needs. For example, bullet and vandal resistant, fire resist, gas insulated, and coloured glass bricks are options for homeowners looking to install this product.

Bullet and vandal resistant glass bricks are constructed of solid glass and reinforced sidewalls for maximum security.

Fire resistant glass bricks can come in the form of hollow block glass bricks with thick sidewalls and a layer of fire resistant material placed between two halves of the glass block.

For the purposes of thermal insulation, gas insulated glass bricks are designed to aid homeowners in controlling temperatures inside their home. Gas insulated glass bricks contain argon gas at their centre that prevents external temperatures from influencing internal temperatures. Colour is an option when choosing glass bricks for your home, where transparent paint or dye is injected into the brick. UV exposure can in some instances deplete the intensity of colour in glass bricks and should therefore not be used in areas of the home with intensive sun-exposure.

Glass bricks are relatively low maintenance, but do require some care to keep them a long-term investment. Glass bricks should be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaner in order to prevent scratch marks. Grout joints can be cleaned with bleach. Glass sealers are also effective ways to protect your glass bricks from dirt and blemishes. A high- quality glass brick sealer can last for years and increase the durability of your glass brick setting.