Introduction to Glass Building Products

Glass Glass
Few design mediums are as versatile and visually appealing as glass.

The Wonders of Glass

Few design mediums are as versatile and visually appealing as glass. Outperforming normal glass as well as extending beyond the traditional application of glass, we offer a range that allows natural light in, improves safety, security, comfort, energy savings and interior design solutions, while framing the view to create a seamless transition between in and outdoors.

Our range is available in toughened, laminated and double glazed options. We also offer a choice of finishes, a palette of colours and a variety of designs, making it possible to incorporate glass into any architectural and interior design whether classical, urban chic or modern cool.

  1. Toughened Glass

    •   Up to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass

    •   Guarantees high levels of structural strength and resistance to thermal shock, impact

      and wind loading.

    •   Available in clear, tinted and coated options.

  2. Laminated Glass

    •   Stays intact in the frame when broken

    •   Improved security

    •   Available in clear and tinted glass combinations

  3. Coated Glass

    •   Dramatically improves solar energy elimination

    •   Offers glare control

    •   Available in a range of coating densities

  4. Double Glazed

    •   Thermal insulation

    •   Acoustic insulation

    •   Solar control

    •   All these products can be incorporated into SIGU’s.

      Safety Precautions: If glass is damaged or broken on site, engage in a expert glazier to manage the situation, as broken glass, is a safety hazard.

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