How to choose the right lock for your home security

How to choose the right lock for your home security
The humble lock has been available as a security implement for decades and has only improved in terms of variety of design, strength and specification. Sometimes the tried and tested security method is more effective and easy to use than the latest technological innovation, which is why locks are still used as a common form of successful security at the home. Familiarise yourself with these popular lock options before you make a purchase:

Locks, Padlocks and all things Locks

Padlocks are a commonly relied upon lock that can be described as a lock that is not permanently attached to the item it is securing. Padlocks come in a variety of sizes and strengths and can be either combination or keyed in design. Combination padlocks are locked and unlocked with a user-set series of numbers that only the user of the padlock should know. Keyed padlocks are locked and unlocked with a set of keys.

Deadbolts are often installed onto external doors and are fitted to the item they secure. Three main types of deadbolt are available; single, double and lockable thumbturn. A single deadbolt is composed of a key cylinder on the exterior of the door and a small lever on the interior of the door that attaches to a bolt and which operates the bolt like a key by turning it open or closed. This interior section is also known as a thumbturn. A double deadbolt makes use of a key cylinder on both the inside and outside of the door and is more secure than a single deadbolt. Finally, a lockable thumbturn is a combination of a single and double deadbolt.

Finally, knob locks are often installed in addition to deadbolts on the exterior of doors. Knob locks have lock cylinders in the knob of the door, rather than the door itself. Knob locks are therefore a better option for internal doors in the home for areas where privacy is needed, such as bathrooms or bedrooms, rather than as the main security implements on exterior doors that grant access into the home itself. This is because breaking the knob off the door itself with a hammer is often easy for intruders, which leaves one’s home and family vulnerable.