Electronic and Biometric Locks

Electronic and Biometric Locks

Electronic and biometric locks: technology at its safest

An electronic lock operates through an electrical current. Electric locks come as independent devices with built-in panels on the lock itself or can be connected to a central control system to which only the homeowners have access. Electronic locks have the added benefit of being capable of remote control. They can be monitored from a distance to be locked and unlocked. Electronic locks function by way of magnets or small motors that activate the lock by supplying or cutting off electrical power. To operate the lock, a conventional on and off switch can be used, or a more complex biometric system can be used to grant access to the lock.

Biometrics are an increasingly popular type of identification software in security systems. Electronic locks make use of biometric technology when they use recognition software that includes fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, voice identification or retinal scanning. Biometric fingerprint identification works by initially programming the homeowner’s fingerprint into the system and then using this as a guide for the lock to open when it is presented with the correct fingerprint.

Electronic apps are becoming increasingly technologically advanced with some being remotely controllable through an app that can be merged with other elements of a home automation system. Homeowners can therefore remotely lock and unlock their property whenever they need to with the power of a simple cell phone app.

Electric and biometric locks are a great advantage because they remove the hassle of keeping track of a cumbersome bunch of keys. These tech-savvy security options save you time that would otherwise be wasted trying to find lost keys or fumbling for keys in the dark. In addition to their convenience, electric and biometric locks are just as safe and security-wise as regular locks. They can help you monitor who goes in and out of the home and give homeowners peace of mind knowing that only they and their loved ones can gain access.