Get roof repairs done in Cape Town before winter arrives!

Get roof repairs done in Cape Town before winter arrives!
The very best time to have your roof inspected (that’s if you don’t already have Empire Roofing doing it for you already!) is before the first signs that winter is about to hit Cape Town.

Roof Repairs

The very best time to have your roof inspected (that’s if you don’t already have Empire Roofing doing it for you already!) is before the first signs that winter is about to hit Cape Town.

By having regular inspections done at this time of the year, you can avoid what might be small problems with the roof becoming emergencies, during which you could end up exposed to the elements.

We all know what a little trickle of water can do to the shape and formation of rocks, so, one can well imagine what may happen with a seemingly small roof leak left untended.

Roof leaks are one of the major contributors to larger roofing issues, which is why we start with them, and, if you ignore even the smallest leak, you will, in time, be looking at having to dig deep into the budget for roof repairs that could otherwise have been avoided.

4 signs it’s time for roof repairs!

Before we get to these 4 basic signs that it’s time for roof repairs, let’s look at ensuring you have the best roof repair and waterproofing specialists in Cape Town on your case!

Empire Roofing in Cape Town brings many years’ worth of experience and exceptional craftsmanship to their customers living along the West Coast of Cape Town, and as far inland as the Boland area.

This trusted team is committed to offering customers efficiency at its best, tackling a full range of roof repair services, which has kept long-term customers fully satisfied, and dry, year in and year out.

Empire Roofing is all about getting to the root of the problem quickly, carrying out the roof repairs expertly, and, always bringing these projects in on time and on budget, which is always music to the ears of anyone struggling with roofing troubles!

But back to the 4 signs that tell you it’s time for roof repairs!

  1. Cracked tiles

Cracked tiles are definitely a sign it’s time for roof repairs, sooner rather than later! This is where water gains ingress onto the roof deck, which, if ignored, could lead to the need to refurbish the roof.

Unfortunately, depending on just how badly the tiles are cracked, it could also signify that your roof is reaching the full extent of its lifespan, in which case you could be looking at a full roof replacement. Ouch!

  1. Moss or algae

If moss or algae is forming on your roof, don’t ignore it, as it could lead to the erosion of other roofing materials. If the moss is an indication of damp in the roof, it’ll only become a major problem if you procrastinate about calling in a team like Empire Roofing, to check the extent of the damage and to repair what can be repaired.

Anything that smacks of damp on and in your roof needs immediate attention, before it begins to damage the structure of your building, whether residential or commercial.

  1. Obvious sagging

While it doesn’t necessarily mean that your roof is going to collapse, don’t ignore any sign that your roof is sagging, because if left to deteriorate, you could well be looking at the collapse of your roof! Not something any of us wants to face when we least need it financially!

  1. Old age!

On average, roofs are designed to last for between 20 to 30 years, and, when you live in Cape Town, it’ll be a pretty well-worn roof by then, especially if it hasn’t been looked after.

Merely giving your roof a new coat of paint won’t do if what it really needs is to be replaced! The beauty of looking after your roof throughout its lifespan, is that you may be able to extend that lifespan by a few more years, simply by keeping up with roof inspections and roof repairs!

Contact Empire Roofing today for roof repairs in Cape Town!

It’s well worth your while to chat to the friendly team of roofing specialists at Empire Roofing if you suspect there may be trouble up above! You could save yourself a lot of time and money by getting to the root of any roofing issues before they become major problems!

Contact Empire Roofing today for any residential, commercial or industrial roofing repairs, it’ll be one call you’ll never regret…and it’ll keep the roof over your head from becoming a major headache further down the road!

Still not sure? Well, you’ll have absolute peace of mind about letting Empire Roofing in on your roof repairs by checking out this stamp of approval!


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