Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass Pools
Kaiross Pool manufactures Fibreglass Pools from their factory based in Parklands, Cape Town

Fibreglass Pools

Other methods such as chopper gun application have been considered and tested by us over the years, but the hand lamination method of manufacturing has proven itself the best and most reliable method.

Why we use hand lamination for our Fibreglass Pools:

Hand lamination:

Hand lamination ensures the thickness of the fibreglass shell is consistent throughout. This is guaranteed because the fibreglass is supplied in rolls/sheets. These sheets are cut to size and are laid one on top of the other on the mould during the lamination process thereby ensuring the consistent thickness of the product.

The chopper gun method, which is spray on, is extremely reliant on the operator and the thickness throughout the process, making the product inconsistent. This was shown when Sundance acquired a brand new fibreglass shell from a well known manufacturer and drilled out 18 samples throughout the shell. Not one sample was the same thickness and varied by 3.4mm from the thinnest part of the wall(2mm) to the thickest (5.4mm) part of the wall. Consistent thickness is vital throughout the product to ensure strength and integrity of the fibreglass pool shell which will be holding a consistent and considerable weight of water.

Fibreglass tissue

We use a thin layer of fibreglass tissue under the gel coat (colour). This ensures a resin rich layer which is important for waterproofing and protects the colour from the fibres penetrating through from below thereby eliminating the chances of osmosis occurring. At the same time the fibreglass tissue guarantees a smooth surface finish. This important tissue layer is not applied in the chopper gun method of manufacturing.

Fibres in the fibreglass

The fibres in the fibreglass rolls applied to Kaiross Pools are long. This ensures an excellent bond and a structure that is sound over a large surface like a pool, which is essential for strength as the pool is holding anything from 10 000 tons-70 000 tons of water. The chopper gun method actually chops the fibres into tiny pieces and sprays them onto the mould surface. 

Kaiross Pools believe the longer fibreglass strands are far more conducive to fibreglass pool manufacturing of large surfaces than other smaller fiberglass products like canopies for vehicles for which chopper guns were originally designed to manufacture.


We use a product called coremat which is sandwiched between the fibreglass layers. Coremat makes the fibreglass pool shell very ridged. This helps with the installation of the pool and outer ribs and other forms of support used by some manufactures are not necessary.

Isothelic resins

We only use the best resins available on the market. Isothelic resins as well as the best NPG gelcoats ensure that your pool can be heated without worrying that the structure or interior will be affected.


When the fibreglass sheets are applied to the mould there are overlaps as the sheets are applied. At these overlaps, the fibreglass swimming pools are twice as thick. This forms a built in rib like system into the fibreglass shell, again adding strength. This does not apply during the chopper gun method of manufacturing which is a spray.

Reinforcing beam

A reinforcing beam is laminated around the top of the pool on the outside of the shell. This helps strengthen the pool for transportation and is used during pool installations to tie into the concrete ring beam which is cast around the top of the pool.

 Labour intensive

The hand lamination method is extremely labour intensive and uses more materials. This makes it more expensive to manufacture the fibreglass pool structure. The chopper gun method is less labour intensive and uses fewer materials, making the manufacture of the fibreglass pool structure cheaper. This is a major advantage for those manufacturers who use the chopper gun method over hand lamination method.

Kaiross Pools believe, based on the facts above, that the hand lamination method is a far superior and reliable method of manufacturing fibreglass swimming pools in South Africa for strength, product integrity and customer peace of mind. Some manufacturers using the chopper gun promote its use as “modern technology” and hand lamination as “outdated”. 

Kaiross Pools has been around for many decades and could change their operation to the chopper gun system in the course of a week for not a lot of money, but believe in their tried and tested hand lamination method that has served them so well with NOT ONE manufacturing structural failure in all those years. Quality is not expensive…it’s priceless.

Advantages of choosing  Fibreglass Pools:

  • Kaiross pools are second to none, as our unique ‘coremat’ layer eliminates the need for the webs or reinforcing struts found on cheaper pools, so Kaiross represents value for life.
  • Quick and easy to install with the minimum of disruption.
  • Impervious finish, algae and bacteria cannot gain a foothold.
  • Require fewer chemicals as no reaction from gel coat, so kind to eyes.
  • Automatic pool cleaners love our contoured corners.
  • Kaiross pools absorb ground movement, unlike rigid constructions which can crack.
  • No painting or retiling for life, even the mosaic is built in during manufacture.
  • Fibreglass is an excellent insulator.
  • Silky smooth, no skin abrasions.
  • Unlike liner pools, dogs’ claws cannot cause damage.
  • We can match any colour to suit your requirements.
  • Kaiross pools will not fade and always retain their good looks.
  • Of all methods of constructing a Kaiross fibreglass pool are the simplest …and most rewarding.
  • All Kaiross Pool’s fibreglass pool shells come with a ten year manufacturer’s guarantee against manufacturing faults.
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