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Cheap is always expensive:

Cheap is always expensive:

Our most recent renovation includes a lesson most people learn the hard way: Cheap is always more expensive.

Especially true in the construction industry. We got a call out to do a pool repair where the previous contractor ran away with the 70% deposit, and a broken fibreglass shell, damaged beyond repair.

When choosing a contractor always do your homework. The following questions can serve as a guideline:

  • Please provide contactable references of previous work?
  • Please provide me with your business registration number?
  • Please provide me with your business’ physical address or your residential address?

Also, if not provided with a contract, it might be a good idea to set up your own.

Swimming Pools are not cheap – if a quote is well below the average: Be ware. Things are not always as they seem and you might end up paying double.

Happy home improvements!

The Centurion Pool and Rock Design Team

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