Fibreglass Pools: why fibreglass is your best bet

Fibreglass Pools: why fibreglass is your best bet
For homeowners planning on adding to their home experience with a pool to provide an area for relaxation, exercise and socialising, fibreglass pools, instead of concrete pools, are a viable option with multiple benefits.

Fibreglass pools are similar to concrete pools in many respects, but there are important differences between the two materials when it comes to cost efficiency, feel and appearance, and installation.

Fibreglass is similarly priced to concrete in terms of the initial installation, however, in the long term, fibreglass pools are cheaper to maintain because they feature non-porous surfaces, which prevents algae build-up and saves money on pool maintenance and chemicals. Costs on a fibreglass pool are also saved because the material doesn’t require liner resurfacing.

When it comes to the feel and appearance of fibreglass pools, they present an advantage over concrete pools in terms of texture. Fibreglass pools are smooth and even, whereas concrete pools have a rough surface texture that can be uncomfortable on one’s skin, especially for those with sensitive skin such as children. Fibreglass pools also come pre-moulded with steps, benches and other inner-seating options, which make them a convenient option for homeowners who want their pool to be accessible and easy to use and enjoy.

Another advantage of fibreglass over concrete pools is in their ease of installation. Fibreglass pools are built in pre-made shells, which are then easily fitted to an excavation site and connected to plumbing, all of which takes only a few days. In contrast, concrete pools can take up to a month to completely install.

In cases of damage to your fibreglass pool, repairs are also relatively easy. Fibreglass pool linings can be repaired in the same way as other fibreglass materials, such as boats, and can be repaired on site. A need for repairs is unlikely as only high impact damage to the fibreglass, or poor initial installation procedures, can cause a need for repairs.