Why get a steam room

Why get a steam room
We all know the usual use for having a steam room, to lose that little bit of excess fat. But there are many more benefits that you may not know about that will give you a lot more reason to invest in your own steam room in your house.

  1. One of the things that steam rooming helps with is an improved circulation, it is seen especially in older individuals that using a steam room helps with lowering blood pressure and it has been heard to also help with healing broken skin tissue. 
  2. Being inside a steam room can also lower stress levels, this is due to the drop in cortisol when you are in a shower, when your cortisol drops you feel more relaxed and in control of your body and mind. 
  3. One of the other known benefits of a steam room is the clearing of conjestion. When you are in a steam room the muous membrane is warmed and this promotes deper breathing. A very important fact to remember about this though is that you must not go into a sauna with a fever, this could spike your fever rather than clear your sinus. 
  4. A post workout steam room can also help your muscles, it has always been known among athletes that heat therapy can help recover from training workouts.


Although it does come with many benefits there are also some risks that come with it, one of the first things someone should know is that you must not stay in a steam room for more than fifteen minutes. Steam room can be host to many germs, regular cleaning is needed. Lastly remember that a steam room is not a replacement for training.