Steam Room Cleaning

Steam Room Cleaning
Having a steam room can be one of the best things you get in your home, it is great to sit in after a hard workout and can be very healthy. One thing you must remember is that it can also be home to many germs and bacteria in your home, this is why a thorough clean is always needed.

Here are a few steps


After every use you must scrub the benches and the backrests where you sat. Just make sure that you keep a bucket just outside your steam room with a brush, this will help you remember and make it much easier for you. If you want once in a while add your own disinfectant and give the walls a extra clean. 


Prevent any sweat or other types of stains to happen in your steam room by always taking a towel in with you and lay it down, difficult and prominent stains should be removed with sandpaper. 

Vacuum Cleaner 

For other types of dirt that could be somewhere lying around in the corner of your steam room can ble cleaned with a vacuum cleaner,  this only has to happen once every few week, especially if you aren't using it very often, spider webs and dusty corners could build up. 


When you are wanting to mop the floor of your steam room remember to try use deodirized cleaner, the build up of sweat and dirt can really add an odour to the room, using this type of cleaner makes a magcal effect to the room. .

Extra Tip

Always do regular maintenance of the room, check the screws and that everything is closed up so that the steam is not escaping. Also make sure that door brackets open and close properly. 

For more information contact a proffesional in your area from our page.