Spa Cleaning

Spa Cleaning
It does not always have to be such a task to clean your pool, jacuzzi or any other spa location you may have around your house. Sometimes using simple household products can do the trick. This is a cost effective and easy solution to a everyday household issue.

The everyday household appliances that can be used is white vinegar, those chawky white lines that come around the edge of your pool. If you simply use fifty percent water and fifty percent white vingegar and give the area it rub, it should remove the line with relative ease. When doing this remember to you will have to lower the water level slightly, and after you have cleaned with the vinegar, give another clean with water to get rid of any remaining vinegar so it doest mix with the water too much. 

Magic sponges are also very versatile and handy tools to have around when cleaning the pool. these are a chemaical free tool that only needs water to clean some toughs spots in your pool. You may go through quite a few in the process but they are very easy to use and can be used on almost any surface. If you have already bought the chemicals to clean your tub make sure that you have drained all the water before beginning the process, make sure you only use non-abrasive, non-sudsing cleaner when doing the Jacuzzi

For additional care remember to always clean your feet and other dirty parts of your body before you get into your spa, keep detergent and soap out of your spa areas. Also for your spa covers, a garden hose is usually all that is needed to give it a good clean.  

For more help or proffesional cleaning contact spa cleaners in your area on our Home Page.