Wallpaper Cleaning

Wallpaper Cleaning
So, you read our article on wallpaper (Yes, yes you did) and now you are left wondering how to clean it.

Cleaning your Wallpaper.

 So, you read our article on wallpaper (Yes, yes you did) and now you are left wondering how to clean it. Cleaning wallpaper is a simple task yet is one that should definitely be understood and done correctly in order to ensure there is no damage. Here are just a few tips on how to ensure your wallpaper is left looking clean and kept at all times.

  1. Constant upkeep in trouble areas. Areas such as your kitchen will be prone to collecting dirt and grime more frequently than other areas of the home. Hopefully, the wallpaper you have used in the kitchen is already semi-water proof and won’t be damaged by being wet. Take a sponge that has been slightly dampened with soap and water and lightly rub the wallpaper. Avoid scrubbing, even if your wallpaper is a durable material. Make sure that you wipe the surface from the bottom and towards to top, so that dirty water doesn’t leave streaks on your wallpaper. Ensure that your sponge isn’t too wet to avoid water damage. Also use this technique every few months on areas that are prone to sticky fingers!
  2. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Using a small, sot brush head on your everyday vacuum will ensure that your wallpaper is left undamaged and free from dust. This is the easiest way to clean your wallpaper without using water and risking water damage. This technique obviously doesn’t work for marks or stains but is perfect for getting rid of dirt and dust. Simply run your vacuum from top to bottom over the panels of your wallpaper. If an area is especially dusty with spider webs or dust balls, ensure to pick them off first. Vacuuming over especially dusty areas will push the dust into the wallpaper.
  3. Test your fabric. You know how it says on all creams to do a skin patch test 24 hours before use and nobody ever does it? This does not apply to your wallpaper – you should definitely follow this instruction. Test out a small patch of wallpaper with a tiny bit of dishwashing liquid and water to see if it is suitable for washing. If the patch darkens, colour runs or water absorbs then you know it is not suitable for washing. If this is the case, then point number four is for you.
  4. Use dough. Dough is one of the most effective ways to clean your wallpaper without the risk of water damage! However, we aren’t speaking about dough out of the kitchen. This dough can be purchased from hardware or paint stores and is perfect for lifting dirt and grime off of delicate wallpapers.

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