Tree cutting

Tree cutting
When fixing up our gardens it is always a scary job to cut down a tree, if you don't want to hire a professional there is a way to do it with some help and a few appliances to make the job easier. Be cautious when doing the job as one mistake could cause injury but if done correctly can be a very smooth job.

Tree Felling

Safety equipment is a first when tree felling, if you do not have the proper gear there is bound to be an injury. A helmet, gloves, earmuffs and face protector. Once you have these the equipment you choose to use to cut down your tree should be based on the size and efficiency of the tree and the job. An axe, chainsaw or any cutting insturment can be used, make sure you know the machine you are using before using it. 

Once you have chosen the method of tree felling, work out where the felling zone will be, this the area that the tree will take up when it falls in your chosen direction. Once you have work out the felling zone, clean any thing that could break dring the fall in the area, even if it is just around the area it is reccommened to move it incase something does go wrong. This is when you look at the tree now and decide on which branches are possible to take down before you cut down the tree, these may be large low hanging branches or an other siginificantly large  branch that could cause damage if the tree fell. These can be cut before the tree is cut. 

This is when you begin the actual tree felling.  The rule of thumb is to make the depth of the notch one-fifth of the tree trunk's diameter, in a triangle shape, (exact degrees can be searched) this is done on the opposite side to the felling area the felling cut is done on the other side and must be a thin cut all the way down to meet the top of the triangle, ths hinge will create the desired angle for the tree to fall at. 

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