The benefits of using natural grass for your garden

The benefits of using natural grass for your garden
If you’re thinking about upgrading your garden, adding to your garden, or are starting your landscaping journey for the first time, deciding on what kind of grass you want is an important consideration. Homeowners are increasingly bypassing the diversity of natural grass species available to them in favour of artificial grass.

Investing in Natural Grass

Natural grass has many environmentally-friendly benefits that are important to consider, For example, natural grass, and indeed all other natural vegetation, plays a role in alleviating the effects of global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen.

Natural grass also supports garden ecosystems and food chains, which in turn allows your garden to be a place of life and activity. For example, exposed soil, roots and photosynthesising grass with chlorophyll, provides the nutrients and environment for soil-dwelling organisms and microorganisms to flourish. Insects and other small garden creatures, like snails or spiders, can, therefore, be supported and, in turn, provide food for larger visitors to your garden, like birds, lizards or squirrels. 

Natural grass is also a partner in temperature control as it maintains a cooler surface temperature than artificial grass and is less likely than artificial grass to heat up to uncomfortable temperatures on hot summer days. Natural grass also absorbs rainwater, frost water, morning dew, or any excess water from drainage channels. By filtering this water before it flows into groundwater systems, natural grass forms an important part of the water filtration system and thus contributes to the provision of clean drinking water.

Natural grass is often less expensive than artificial grass, depending on how manicured you want your lawn to be. This is because natural grass organically rejuvenates and repairs itself, whereas artificial grass requires repairs by professionals after wear and tear have set in.

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