Creative ideas for your garden art

Creative ideas for your garden art
Garden art can give your home’s outdoor area a personal touch and sense of character that speaks to your tastes, and that complements the design-aesthetic of your main home. However, it is important to choose garden art decisively and with a purpose in mind, rather than simply collecting pieces that clutter your garden and look more like junk than tasteful decor. Here are some tips on how to choose sophisticated garden art that enhances the natural beauty of your garden:

Keep it simple and restrict yourself to only a few pieces of garden art, rather than too much, which can have the effect of cluttering your garden and making it look smaller. You can go for traditional garden art, such as birdbaths, or rustic farm equipment, such as pitchforks or wheelbarrows, to give your garden an authentic, old-world feel.

You can also consider more modern, unusual garden art that makes a dramatic statement. An abstract statue at the centre of your garden can function as a centralizing, and balancing piece that harmonizes the surrounding layout of the garden. Using unusual materials such as glass, rubber or concrete in a garden statue can also be a creative idea for a central piece. 

Garden art can also provide an opportunity for recycling household items and repurposing them for decorative use in one’s garden. Planting seedlings in delicate teapots, hardy gumboots or protective mason jars are all wonderful ideas for garden art on a balcony or patio. 

Whatever garden art you choose, make sure you take the time to think about the placement of your items relative to the amount of space you have in your garden and its layout. Make sure you place your art in an area where it can be easily seen and is not covered by surrounding plants. Consider whether you want your garden art to blend naturally into the surrounding vegetation, or whether you want it to stand out as a central piece.

Proportion is also an important consideration. Do not choose small garden art items for a large garden with lots of open space, as such art will look out of place and may not even be noticed. Likewise, large garden art pieces shouldn’t be purchased for a small garden, as this may detract from the garden itself and give the area a claustrophobic, crowded feel.