Garden Art and Statues

Garden Art and Statues

Garden Statues and Art.

As homeowners who are in the midst of a creative and innovative time, you have an incredible opportunity to create a garden that is unique and personal. Contrary to popular belief, gardens are not only limited to being decorated by plants, trees and shrubbery but can be turned into an artful experience by incorporating elements such as statues and alternative pieces.


You will always be able to hire a professional to evaluate your garden and choose the best pieces. However, choosing statues and art for your garden comes down to personal preference and style. This article will focus on giving you a few tips and ideas to get you started on creating your garden and what options are available to explore. 



The most predominant or popular form of garden art is the statue. Although they are popular and striking pieces in most gardens, there is a fine line between them looking tacky and between them looking picturesque. There are multiple things to consider before you incorporate a statue into your garden. It is all good and well that the statue looks magnificent in your local botanical garden, but this is definitely not a guarantee for your home!


Understand and create a theme or style for your garden. This is an extremely vital part of using garden statues or art. Decide if you want your garden to be vintage, bohemian, classic or sophisticated. Of course there are far more styles that a garden can be, but it is important that you narrow it down to one. Having too many different styles of statues in your garden will create a cluttered effect that is unattractive.


The next step is to understand how you will use this statue in a way that is effective and striking, yet not overbearing. Your statue is in your garden for a reason, and should be placed in a space where is can be seen clearly. Consider the angles of your home; window placement, open spaces, entertainment areas etc. You should ensure that your statue is attractive from pivotal points in your home. It would be unfortunate to be looking at the back of a stone statue from your bedroom window, even if it does look wonderful from your driveway. You should also consider the functionality of the position of your statue. Ensure that your statue is a part of your garden that does not interfere with how you and your family use your space. Place statues next to garden chairs, patios and spaces that do not require you to move around the statue uncomfortably.


Creating a frame

The art or décor that you choose for your garden is not limited to statues. You can incorporate elements such as lights or alternative installments. These installments can be made out of various materials and can become a pivotal piece of your garden. An important thing to keep in mind about any form of garden art is to create an aesthetically pleasing frame. This is the process of creating an area in your garden that highlights your statue. It should be framed by elements such as flowers, trees or shrubbery that draw the eye to your art but also help it to blend into your garden.


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