Wendy Houses and Garden Huts

Wendy Houses and Garden Huts
Wendy houses are makers of memories. They provide years of entertainment and childhood fun.

Wendy Houses


Wendy houses are makers of memories. They provide years of entertainment and childhood fun. As such, cubby houses must be sturdy in construction and should be made to last. Much like a normal home, they have to withstand the harsh South African climate. 

The good news is that the Wendy house of today fills this brief. With extremely high construction standards, a range of attractive features and safety at the forefront, there’s a wendy house to suit every family. 

Wendy Houses: Features and Finishes


 Many prefabricated wendy houses on the market today are either constructed of timber (often treated pine) or are vinyl cladded. To enhance safety, windows can be made of Perspex instead of glass. Wendy houses also come with optional verandas and safety handrails.


 Wendy house roofing is typically made of Colorbond roofing. This ensures that the roof is durable and provides protection to the rest of the cubby for many years to come. If the wendy house is fitted with a skylight, a polycarbonate material that offers 99% UV light protection is generally used.


 Wendy houses can also look attractive. They can complement the existing style of your home. If manufactured from timber, they can be stained, oiled, sealed or painted to provide a natural or painted look. You can make them as colourful as you like.


Because children and pets spend a lot of time in wendy houses, materials should be safe. Wendy house manufacturers use arsenic-free treated pine. Because it’s treated, the timber is more resistant to termites and other pests. It is also ammonia free.


When purchasing a wendy house, consider the timber used in the process.


Wendy Houses: Supply and Installation

Sometimes available in prefabricated kits, wendy houses can be bought from specialist wendy house providers or home improvement/hardware stores. Specifically tailored to the DIY market, they’ll also install the wendy house at your residence by their in-house team. Kits come with all the fittings required and minimal tools are needed. In many cases, you can also custom design your wendy house (such as choosing the Colorbond roofing colour or incorporating swing windows)!

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