Fireplaces: creating a sense of home around the hearth

Fireplaces: creating a sense of home around the hearth
Fireplaces can give an ordinary living space a sense of home and warmth. They naturally draw people together and create a central hub for the home, which is why putting a special effort into choosing what type of fireplace is right for your home is well worth the effort. The wide variety of fireplace types can be roughly divided into wood burning fireplaces, gas burning fireplaces and electric fireplaces.

Wood burning fireplaces have a romantic, old-fashioned appeal that can add to the cosy atmosphere of a country-style home, or break the modernity of a contemporary-design home. Traditional wood burning fireplaces are normally structured out of stone or brick and, although they may not be as efficient at heating a large area as modern fireplace types, they do provide homeowners with a truly authentic fireplace experience. 

Traditional fireplaces need to be used properly if homeowners want them to be long lasting and to function optimally. Choosing the right kind of fuel, such as hard woods like oak or ash, is a part of this, as hard woods are known for burning well and generating more heat than soft woods, like spruce or pine. Wood must also be perfectly dry after at least six months of drying before it is ready for burning.

Two alternatives to traditional wood burning fireplaces include gas and electric fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are fuel-efficient and generate more heat than traditional wood burning fireplaces. They are also easier to install and do not always require chimneys, which means less building and construction to set up. 

Finally, electric fireplaces are another cost-effective alternative to traditional fireplaces and have the added benefit of controls that allows homeowners to manage the heat and light levels of the mock-up display ‘fire.’ For example, mantel electric fireplaces provide homeowners with a mimic of real fireplaces that generates heat and light without any need for chimneys, vents or fuel.