Fireplace Cleaning

Fireplace Cleaning
Having a home wood fireplace can be great for the cold times in the winter, the only problem that can come with this is safety and having to clean up so you still have that comfortable clean look of a fireplace.

In order to have the upmost efficiency when having using wood in your fire place is you will need to clean it as much as needed, with fireplaces there are sometimes no short cuts. Regular cleans are use are needed and the often big clean needs to be done in order for everything to be at its best. 

  • When you are doing cleans after you have used the fire place a vacuum works, but it is essential that you let the coals cool properly, this could be up to a twelve hour wait. But it is worth the wait becaue it is the quickest most efficient way to clean up the ash. 
  • Each year make sure that you have a check up done on your fireplace, this could be the flue or any other important part, it is vital to do this so that the smoke flows cleanly out of the fireplace and there is no smoke build up within the house. 
  • The best idea is to let a fire down out by itself, using water causes a large amount of smoke and also it turns the ashes to a solid form and this makes it much harder to clean. 
  • Try to avoid using any type of harsh chemical cleaner, this could leave flamable residue afterwards and be a safety hazard