Ducted Heating

Ducted Heating
You give your ducted heating quite a beating during the cold times of the year, this is why it is always very important to clean during your hotter seasons. Its sometimes easy to forget that these do need a good clean to make sure you dont have future problems

Tips for cleaning

  • Make sure you got a good air filter and that you remember to change it atleast twice a year. 
  • The grids on the front of your heating must be taken off and cleared of dust, this makes sure there is no unhealthy particles floating in the air. 
  • To help wth any dust issues you can buy filters that trap dust, if you do have these, wash and dry them regularly.

Sometimes there are a few things that you need to look out for that a professional needs to be called in, here are a few of them that need to be looked for. 

  • If you see or smell any mold near your vents then a profesional must be called, this is because it is very unhealthy for the family and if it is not taken care of properly it can come back.
  • Any type of animal infestation that may be taking place also needs to be taken care of by a professional, rats especially must be reported as it can cause massive problems in your duct
  • Make sure that if anyone is having problems with the heating they must seek medical advice to see if they may have negative reaction specifically to the system or if there is a problem.

For more help or to have yours cleaned contact a professional in your area from our page.