Generator Maintenance & Tune-Up

Generator Maintenance & Tune-Up
A generator can be a life saver during a power outage

Portable Generator Maintenance

A generator can be a life saver during a power outage It can power anything from a television or light up your entire home. So, all machines require regular checks & maintenance to ensure longevity.

Portable units are suitable for powering a couple of appliances in your home for a few hours. They require a lot of fuel, and you must keep them full to keep them working. Repairs for these units cost less than fixing permanent standby generators because they are less complex and take less time to diagnose and fix.

You can troubleshoot many common problems yourself and the main problems associated with this are:


These generators can only provide a certain amount of energy. Many homeowners overload them and compromise the system. If a generator isn’t working, try disconnecting an appliance or two.

Fuel and Oil Problems:

You have to monitor these units and fill their oil and fuel frequently. A system that isn’t starting or that shuts down during operation could be low on either. It could also be that the fuel has degraded from disuse.

Overheating / Lack of Air:

It needs proper ventilation to continue operation. A clogged filter could cause the system to stop mid-operation or refuse to start.

Loose or Bad Spark Plugs:

If you’re having difficulty getting it started, you may need to tighten or replace the spark plugs.

Once you’ve checked the basics like overload and fuel level, get in touch with a local portable generator repair professional to ensure that the equipment gets reliable repairs before the next load shedding event.

Even when your generator doesn't break down, it requires periodic maintenance. If you live in a cold climate, annual tune-ups should be part of your winter storm preparedness strategy.

Your unit will only run periodically, which preserves energy but also makes regular maintenance more important. Part of your consideration should always be your generator power consumption and safety.

When you hire a service contractor for generator maintenance, expect service on the following systems: lubrication, cooling, fuel, air and combustion, battery/starting mechanism, transfer switch and engine filter if fitted.


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