Maintaining your wooden Fence

Maintaining your wooden Fence
When getting a wooden fence in your garden it can be a great blessing. There are a few things you will need to remember though, these are just a few tips on taking care of your fence.


The first thing that you will need to remember when getting a wooden fence is to get the best material for the job. Redwood and cedar wood are the most resistant to rot and decay, this will be best for outside in the rain and other harsh conditons. Pressure treated wood is best against water damage. 

Treating your wood

When your fence is set up, you will want to start treating it so that it will be stronger for longer. To start you could apply a sealant, this could be a wood preserver sealant or a water-repellent sealant, each has it jobs and needs to be applied at a certain time to protect your fence. These sealants will prevent your wood from drying out and cracking. Another important part of making sure your fence is strong is using the right equipment, make sure you use strong steel screws and bolts in your fence.


If you have shrubs around your fence make sure that they dont weigh it down too much, cut back your shrubs and grass once in a while around your fence. They can weigh down and weaken the fence and they can also collet moisture which will lead to rotting on your fence. 

Immediate issue

If you have any problems with your fence,  then these issues will need to be fixed immediately, this is because any oroblems that you keave for longer will only get weaker and harder to fix as time goes on. 


For more information contact a professional in your area from our page.