Wooden Fence Cleaning

Wooden Fence Cleaning
Wooden fences need to be cleaned from stains once in a while. When these become apparent it is best to take care of them earlier rather than later and that you make sure you use the correct cleaning supplies for the issue.

What you will need

  1. Bucket of water or a hose
  2. wood Stain
  3. Bleach
  4. Plastic sheets (to protect grass)

Pour 1 qaurter of bleach and 2 quarters of warm water into a bucket, Pour the solution into a sprayer and spray the wood, if you do not have a sprayer then a paint brush will do. Make sure you cover the whole fence in this solution and then spray down with a hose, you must make sure that you spray within fifteen minutes. If there is any stubborn mildew or mold reapply the bleach solution onto these specific parts and wash off again. If you have any type of finisher that has been recommended apply this now. 





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