Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing
A palisade is typically a fence or a defensive wall made from iron, wooden stakes, or tree trunks

The Palisade Fence

A palisade is typically a fence or a defensive wall made from iron, wooden stakes, or tree trunks. It is used as a defensive structure or enclosure. The word Palisade, originates from the word pālus, meaning stake, specifically used to support a fence. A palisade fence gangs these stakes side by side to create a fence entirely made of pales.

The History of Palisade Fencing

Historically the construction of a palisade fence consisted of smallish tree trunks aligned vertically with no free space in between. The trunks were sharpened at the top and driven into to the ground. The trunks were sometimes reinforced with additional construction. The height of these fences ranged from a meter to as high as three to four meters.

These palisade fences were an excellent option for small forts and other hastily constructed fortifications. They were effective protection for short-term conflicts and could easily be built from readily available materials. Because the palisades were wooden constructions, they were vulnerable to fire and siege weapons. They were often constructed only as a temporary defensive structure until a more permanent stone wall could be erected.

Modern Use of Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is commonly used in South Africa as a means for residential houses to prevent crime. Many houses have perimeter defenses such as wooden palisade fences, steel palisade fences, or electrified palisade fences. Palisade fencing as a security measure is recommended over opaque walls as criminals cannot hide as easily behind a palisade fence.

Securing your home with adequate fencing is one of the most important defenses against intruders gaining entry to your residence. Your palisade fence should be manufactured out rigid materials and the fence should be designed in a way that it is difficult to climb over. A property with the correct fencing is a deterrent to criminals due to the added obstruction and time required to break into a property.

Questions to Ask Before you Install a Palisade Fence

  • Will the palisade fence form an adequate boundary to show others where your property begins and common public ground ends?
  • Is the palisade fence made of durable materials so that it will stand the test of time against corrosion, and wear and tear?
  • Will the palisade fence be enough of a security barrier against intruders?
  • Does the palisade fence fit in with the rest of the home and property, is it pleasing to the eye?


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