Buying and using a Pool Table

Buying  and using a Pool Table
Pool tables can be a great accessory to your home, if you are able to manage the space and know you can manage the table then this can be the perfect buy for you and your family for entertainment in your home with your friends.


One of the first things you need to think about when buying a pool table is the space you have to use and how serious you plan on being with your pool game. If you are just wanting to fill some space and and have a fun pass time then an 8 foot table is the best choice, but if you are eager to improve your game and get better, then a 9 foot table should be top of your list. Ontop of the space for your table you will need to take into consideration what type of space is needed for you to be able to use your cue stick without hassle. An average cue stick is between 121-132 cm in length, so measuring needs to be done. 


There are a few things to take into account when you have a pool table, sunlight is one of the most well known. If your table to exposed to too much sunlight the fabric and the wood of the table very often fades and wears down. Having a cover for your table is also a good idea as dust very often collects on tables and can be much more of a mission to clean than expected. Avoid too many jump shots as these leave dents in the table, If there are too many dents then a replacement might have to take place, this can cost up to R950 excluding the price of the cloth. Cleaning the balls can also maintain a nice look for the cushions and the cloth. 

For more help with your pool table or if you are interested in buying one contact a proffesional on our page in your area.