Home Theatre System repairs.

Home Theatre System repairs.
There is no denying that home theatre systems are complicated, this is a system with many wires and settings that could confuse just anyone a little bit . Here we are going to have a little look at 3 common problems that people encounter.

"Im not getting any sound"

This is a very common problem for peolpe and the first response is to usually unplug and then plug in all the ports and connections correctly, if this still doesnt solve your problem, do not panic. Simply pick up your remote, go onto the on screen menu and start trying out different speaker settings, this should quickly solve your problem. 

"My Surround sound speakers aren't working"

The first thing you must check when you are having this problem is, turn the volume up. Although this may seem like a waste of time, it is very often forgotten that what people might assume as no sound is only a very subtle sound from the surround sound. The other is that the wires are not connected, if this does not work research on your surround sound setting must be done.

" There is static coming from the Speakers"

In almost all cases this is because of a problem with the connection with the speaker. If this doesnt work then you will need to break down where the incident is happening and at what stages if there are . To do this it is a good idea to switch out various sources. 


If you are having other problems with your speakers that you need help solving, contact proffesionals in your area on our Page.